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My resume is available for download in various printable document format (in french):

Jean-Sébastien Pédron
28 years old

19 rue du Père Guérin
75 013 Paris
Cell phone: +33 (0)6 82 07 53 33
Mail: jean-sebastien.pedron AT dumbbell POINT fr

Computer skills

Development FreeBSD committer (ReiserFS filesystem maintainer), documents indexing library, patchs for a couple of free softwares
OS FreeBSD (since 4-STABLE), Linux (Linux From Scratch, Slackware)
Programming Mastery of C, Erlang and Perl, good knowledges of Perl XS and Bash, basic knowledges of Python and C++
Project management Good knowledges of CVS, Subversion and autoconf/automake tools, regular use of a wiki and Bugzilla or Trac
Data handling Good knowledges of XML and related technologies (DOM, SAX, XPath, etc.), good knowledges of SQL
Web technologies Mastery of XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0, good knowledges of WCAG 1.0
Network Good knowledges of the TCP/IP model and the principles and configuration of a firewall/router, good knowledges of the administration of services like DHCP, Apache or Bind, basic knowledges of Cyrus IMAPd and SNMP
Documentation Good knowledges of LaTeX and DocBook XML


Since June 2006 Erlang/C programmer for a 300-employees company (France).
  • Development of a library to ease the release of an XMPP/Jabber client or server:
    • use of libtool/autoconf/automake
    • written Erlang and C
    • use of OTP principles and SASL release handling
    • project management and documentation on a wiki et Trac
  • Development of a modular XMPP/Jabber proxy to filter messages stream:
    • use of libtool/autoconf/automake
    • written in Erlang
    • use of OTP principles and SASL release handling
    • support for live software upgrade and failover/takeover
    • monitoring with SNMP, Munin and Yaws
    • project management and documentation on a wiki et Trac
  • Development of a document transformation tool (XHTML and Atom feed output):
    • written in Python
    • use of the Mako templating engine
    • packaging with RPM
  • Development of a Sendmail/Postfix MILTER to re-route mails:
    • use of autoconf/automake
    • written in C
    • use of libmilter, libcurl and libxml2
    • packaging with RPM
July 2005 to
June 2006
C/Erlang programmer for Dolphian SA (Levallois-Perret, France).
  • Development of libraries for Unicode text handling and Bayesian algorithm implementation:
    • use of libtool/autoconf/automake
    • written in C
    • bindings for Perl and Erlang
    • ported to Linux, *BSD, Solaris, HP-UX and Tru64
    • project management and documentation with a wiki and Bugzilla
  • Involvment in a mail filtering project:
    • written in C
    • ported to Linux, *BSD and Solaris
    • LDAP used to store configuration
  • Involvment in a web filtering project:
    • written in Erlang and C
    • ported to Linux and *BSD
June 2004 to
June 2005
Perl programmer in mission for Cegetel, a french telecom operator (Paris, France).
  • Work in the ADSL department in a team of 7 engineers
  • Development of the subscription site:
    • platforms under Linux Debian
    • common CGI in Perl (procedural & object-oriented)
    • templates XHTML 1.0 Transitionnal and CSS 2
    • Single-A accessibility, as stated by the WCAG
    • release as Debian package
    • sources management with CVS
  • Development of internal libraries:
    • platforms under Linux Debian
    • Perl modules (object-oriented) to create and manipulate HTML forms from a simple configuration file
    • Perl module (procedural) for communications between various sites (including the subscription site) and the eligibility server.
    • documentation written in LaTeX
    • release as Debian package
    • sources and documentations management with CVS
November 2002 to
May 2004
Perl programmer within the context of opening a company, Qovo Systems (Paris, France).
  • Development of an online tourism site:
    • platforms under Linux Fedora Core
    • templates XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2
    • Double-A accessibility, as stated by the WCAG
  • Conception and development of an intranet to manage the Internet site:
    • platforms under Linux Fedora Core
    • Perl modules (object-oriented) and Perl XS (C)
    • use of Apache 2 and mod_perl 2
    • use of the WebDAV protocol
    • data stored in XML files
    • indexing in a PostgreSQL databse
  • Network and software security with an administrator.
November 2000 to
May 2002
Java programmer for Médisite SA (Paris, France).
  • Study and development of a Java/AWT applet, to ease asthmatic people support on line. This project got help from a pneumolog all along.
  • Study and development of several modules and new features for a web portal. The project held 3 people for 1 year.
July 2000 to
August 2000
Network technician for France 3 Ouest (Rennes, France).
  • User support on a 100 workstations local network
  • Installation of 30 workstations under Microsoft Windows
April 2000 to
June 2000
C++/MFC programmer for France 3 Ouest
  • Development of meteorology maps software, to replace an old one.

I also worked several summers in a printing works.


2000 Graduation in Computer Science (DUT Informatique)
1999 TOEIC, with a mark of 780/1000
1998 Baccalauréat S, speciality Physics/Chemistry
1996 PET (Preliminary English Test)
1995 - 1998 High school, with mathematics, history and geography in english